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48 hours notice

required to book a driver and vehicle

Frequently Asked Questions

Some Frequently Asked Questions about transportation to your non-emergency medical appointments


How does this work?

A driver will pick you up at your home, deliver you to your appointment and deliver you back to your home.


Can I take an escort?

Yes you may take an escort, but remember the patient has priority and if the van is full the escort will not be allowed on board unless the escort is for medical purposes.


I live on Quadra Island. Do you pick me up at my home?

No. You will have to get to the Vancouver Island side ferry terminal. This applies to all islands that are serviced by Wheels for Wellness.


How much notice is required?

The more notice the better, but we can operate on short emergency notice (eg. pickup from hospital or short notice appointments) 48 hours is generally good.


Do you take service dogs?

Yes, but we require notice of the requirement to provide and adequately equipped vehicle.


Will you pick me up in Courtenay and take me to Campbell River?



Do you go to Vancouver?

Yes, to the Children’s hospital only.


What is a reasonable donation?

When you make a donation, that donation is to the Wheels for Wellness Society therefore any amount is a reasonable one. Receipts for income tax purposes will be issued for any donation of $20.00 or more.


What is the prefered way of making a donation?

Any method of delivery is fine. We prefer cheques as they leave a paper trail that is best for our audit team.

COVID-19 Pandemic Notice

Thank you for coming to the Wheels for Wellness website.  In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have significantly adjusted our operations to protect our volunteers, staff, and clients.  

To best give the maximum social distancing we are only loading 3 passengers per van. This eliminates escorts. Surgeries and stranded patients will be considered. Please be advised drivers will no longer be loading walkers or wheelchairs - patients will be expected to load their own. This is to prevent cross-contamination. Please be patient, we are concerned with both YOUR safety and OUR DRIVERS.

For more information on the precautions we are taking please read our Covid-19 Update notice here: https://wheelsforwellness.com/covid-19-update