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100 Women Who Care Oceanside

On 22 January 2019 Joan Ethier – Chair of 100 Women Who Care Oceanside presented a large cheque to Don Buchner – Executive Director and Founder of Wheels for Wellness Society.

The $21,500 donation will be used to replace the existing vehicle in the Oceanside Region Wheels for Wellness was nominated by Catherine Lennox and was accepted as the recipient of the $21,500 award which was presented at the Qualicum Memorial Golf Club.

The new van will be purchased and displayed on the 3rd of April 2019 for the contributing members to view the results of their donations. I can’t thank these ladies enough as the timing was impeccable. We had to replace our Oceanside van as the KMs were at their maximum for trade-in and we were wondering where the money was going to come from, says Don Buchner.

I am truly impressed by the organization and the method of raising large amounts of money using the theory that a lot of smaller donations can turn into one large one.

Don Buchner

Executive Director / Founder, Wheels for Wellness Society